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Packages Limited
Bulleh Shah Packaging (Private) Limited  
Tri Pack Films Limited
  Packages Lanka (Pvt) Limited  
  Packages Construction (Private) Limited  
  American Life Insurance Company  
Home IGI insurance Limited
  DIC Corporation Japan
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  Siam Chemical Industry Co Ltd  
  TFE Co Ltd, Thailand  


Strategic Partners

DIC Corporation is one of Japans most diversified chemical companies. DIC forms the core of the DIC Group that includes 250 subsidiaries and affiliates in Japan and more than 40 other countries around the world, while employing more than 25000 people.


The DIC Group's four business operations consist of graphic arts, polymers and related products, specialty plastics and compounds, and others that include building materials, pressure sensitive adhesive materials and bio-chemicals. Through these operations, the Group supplies essential materials to a wide range of industrial users around the world. A leader in the global market for printing inks, organic pigments and thermosetting resins, the DIC Group aims to further strengthen its international position while contributing to industry and society with innovative products and technologies.


Apa74900ip of Sun Chemicals, DIC Group now also owns Coates Group of Companies as well and is known as the largest ink manufacturer in the world.