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Extrusion Lamination Inks

Extrusion Lamination Inks


TAF-PP is a gravure reverse printing ink for OPP (Corona Treated) film with PE Extrusion Lamination, PP Directly Extrusion Lamination, and Dry Lamination. Inks have the following characteristics.

  • Good Adhesion ( Treatment Degree at least 38 dyne/cm )
  • Good Lamination Strength ( Especially for PEEL )
  • In case of PPEL, It can be directly laminated without Ac Agent
  • Suitable for High-Speed Printing
  • Heat Resistance up to 150℃. ( 2kg / cm2, 1Sec )
  • Good Blocking Resistance. ( At 55℃, 24hr, 500g / cm2 )

Reverse Print on OPP (Corona Treated) film with PE, PP Extrusion or Dry Lamination.