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Flexographic Ink Solvent-Based

Surface Printing Inks

Flexo Surface Printing Inks


SGH inks specially designed to cover the exact demands of high speed flexo surface printing with excellent dot reproduction on treated Polyethylene film and certain other suitable substrates. These inks are well suited to run them on modern high flexo presses equipped with good drying capacity to enable for proper ink drying. This system is suitable for the packaging of famous multi-national products of P&G, Unilever and Oil & Ghee jobs etc.

They display good adhesion, good color strength, no blocking tendency with double side printing, anti static properties, good COF for high speed packing machines, good scuff and abrasion resistance and high heat resistance.

SGH inks have good adhesion on a number of following substrates:

  • Low and high density Polyethylene
  • Two side treated Polyethylene
  • Co-extruded polypropylene
  • Certain paper based materials


SPL inks are medium performance customized ink series specially developed for surface printing on PE, BOPP and PET film, suitable for oil and ghee jobs. The SPL series can be used for in-line/off-line process with a wide range of flexo printing speeds from 200-400m/min. For the use of SPL inks at other speeds/ conditions, please contact our local Technical Department. Inks are highly resoluble with excellent dot reproduction in halftone printing and outstanding gloss.

SPL inks have good adhesion on a number of following substrates:

  • Low and high density Polyethylene
  • Two side treated Polyethylene
  • Co-extruded polypropylene


STZ inks are formulated for Flexo Surface printing onto woven treated laminated Polypropylene substrate. inks have good adhesion on treated polypropylene substrate, good scuff and abrasion resistance for printing heavy duty bags.

STZ inks are suitable for printing onto pre-treated or in-line corona treated woven Polypropylene substrate. Treatment levels should be between 38 and 44 dynes to ensure good adhesion.


FII/JET Series inks are IPA-reducible flexographic inks for printing polyethylene and polypropylene films. They are suitable for applications such as carrier bags, bread bags etc. FII series inks are characterized by high color-strength, excellent gloss, good adhesion on treated polyolefin’s, good scuff and abrasion resistance, clean-running on stack slow speed type slow to medium speed Chinese and Taiwani flexo presses. FII series inks are not heat resistant, so should not be printed in the area of heat sealing. They are not suitable for lamination. FII series inks should not be mixed with inks supplied by any other ink supplier.

FII series inks have good adhesion on a number of treated polyolefin, Polyethylene, low or high density, transparent or opaque, Two-side treated polyolefin, Some cast, oriented, and co-extruded polypropylenes. The optimum treatment level on polyethylene is normally 38 to 42 dynes/cm. Below this level, adhesion will start to drop, and above 42 dynes/cm, lower water-resistance can occur.


WOVEN-Series inks are a range of flexographic/rotogravure inks formulated for printing onto untreated woven polypropylene heavy duty sacks. These inks will give top level adhesion and scuff resistan together with good gloss and printability. WOVEN series inks should not be mixed with other inks from any other supplier as this may be detrimental to the adhesive properties. Colors have a reasonable degree of light fastness, but may not withstand extended exposure to direct sunlight. Where this property is required, it should be stated when ordering.

WOVEN series inks have good performance on grades of untreated woven polypropylene. Due to the variable nature of the orientation and the polymer compositions involved, it is essential that proofing trials are conducted on the substrate to be utilized, and that the printer satisfies himself the print is suitable for the target requirements at their end user.