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Flexographic Water Based Inks

Flexo Water Based Inks


WFX inks are formulated for flexo printing of multiwall sacks, corrugated or solid fiberboard cases, Kraft shoppers, sulphite bags and similar lightweight packaging papers. They are characterized by their ability to provide high quality prints and maximum brightness over bleached and brown substrates. They show High color strength at low viscosity, Rapid drying by absorption into the substrate, low odor on the press and are water reducible.

Bleached, oyster and brown Kraft used in sacks, Corrugated and solid fiber board cases. Sulphite Papers used in bags and wrapping papers. Other Paper based materials including certain coated stocks.

Sulphite papers usedin bags and wrapping papers.


Saturn SB TPQ-S is the name given to a new range of very high strength water based pigment dispersions specially developed under Sun Chemical highly skilled technical experience using highly efficient production equipment with internationally approved materials to compliant S009 standard.

TPQ-S bases are also very resistant to flocculation and shock stability during let-down.

Finished inks are produced from Saturn SB TPQ-S bases, by blending with “technology varnishes”. These have been carefully formulated to meet specific end user requirements for packaging of juices and milk products.

They have been carefully developed primarily for high quality, high speed flexo printing on paper and board. However, their formulation style lends itself to exploitation in other areas e.g. labels, envelopes, film, tissue, and disposables.