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Lahore Factory

The Lahore Factory is the main production site of DIC Pakistan Limited. The facility is spread over an area of 6,700 m2 having more than 150 employees. This site produces solvent-based rotogravure and flexographic inks, water-based flexographic inks and sheetfed offset inks. The operations have been designed and regularly upgraded as per DIC Japan and SunChemical-Europe operations guidelines.

Solvent-Based Ink Production

DIC PK Lahore Factory has highly modernized facility for the production of solvent-based gravure and flexographic inks. Dispersion equipments from Kries-Germany and grinding mills from WAB Switzerland ensure the production of high strength and consistent quality bases with fine particle size distribution of pigments.

For the production of finished inks DIC PK has installed state-of-the-art computerized ink dispensing system from InkMaker-Italy. This ink dispensing has two heads with 48 & 32 components designed for efficient production of a number of ink technologies.

Water-Based Ink Production

For the production of water-based concentrates DIC PK has installed Nano Grinding Mill from Japan. DIC PK produces bases for flexographic printing of both food-packaging as well as shipping cartons. In food packaging the bases produced are as per the quality standard of SunChemical-Europe.

DIC PK has installed a 16-head water-based dispenser from InkMaker for the production of finished inks. This computerized dispensing system gives high productivity and consistent quality.

Sheetfed Offset Ink Production

DIC PK produces sheetfed inks for a wide variety of offset printing machines. Mixers, blenders and Triple Roll Mills from Europe produce high performance inks for high speed printing machines.