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Integrated Management System Policy

We, at DIC Pakistan Ltd, strive to create superior value for all stakeholders by providing customer orientated high quality inks, chemicals & services. We will contribute to the realization of "Color & Comfort" through supplying products by optimal Environment, Health, Safety & Quality Performance keeping in mind our Corporate Social Responsibility in all aspects of our business operations. To achieve this goal, we are committed;

1- To achieve satisfaction of all interested parties by meeting our obligations and exceeding them where appropriate.

2- To proactively identify & eliminate or minimize potential risks to the quality of our product, Environment, Health, Safety and other specific commitment(s) relevant to the context of the organization.

3- To continually improve our product, process, infrastructure, human resources and our Environment, Health and Safety performance.

4- To show our responsibility for our performance by measuring, reviewing & reporting.

5- To enhance the value of our shareholders by satisfying all interested parties & developing profitable relationship with them.

6- To comply with all applicable legal, regulatory & other requirements.

We will make available this policy to all interested parties to ensure their understanding of our obligation(s).

Environment, Health & Safety

DIC Pakistan is committed to EHS standards for the protection of our environment in which we live and work. It complies with the standards for health & safety of employees, customers and contractors as well as visitors. The Company focuses on assessing the effectiveness of its EHS system by regularly conducting risk assessment and hazard analysis and updating it risk and hazard management systems. DIC PK is committed to complying with all applicable regulatory laws governing its operations.

Weekly & Monthly safety meeting

In DIC PK every week begins with Safety Meeting. The meeting chaired by the MD, discusses all issues related to EHS. An action plan is devised which is followed-up regularly. This is followed by a safety patrol of the premises which is conducted by MD and the Safety Committee.

In addition to the Weekly Safety Meeting, a Monthly EHS meeting is held which is attended by all supervisors, technicians and store personnel. This meeting discusses in detail all aspects of our EHS system including near misses and incidents.

Disaster Prevention and Preparedness

Any fire, explosion or leakage of hazardous substances from a chemical plant may damage the health of employees and could have an impact on the community.

In addition to establishing an Emergency response system to prevent such accidents, DIC operates and maintains its facility in line with pertinent laws and regulations.

Implementing Emergency Response Drills

DIC augments daily safety patrols and periodic equipment checks with regular emergency response drills to prepare for emergency situations.

Trained skilled persons to carry out Risk & Hazard Identification

DIC systematically prepares initiatives to prevent accidents and occupational injuries. DIC conducts site risk assessment on defined schedule with the collaboration of machine operators under the supervision of skilled EHS team.

Promoting Energy Saving Initiatives

  • Reduced consumption of electric power by replacing old office lighting fixtures with LED lights.
  • Introduction of inverter based Air conditioning systems which resulted in reduced cost of purchased electricity & lessen our CO2 emissions to the environment.
  • These steps along with optimization of electricity consumption at machines has resulted in 30% energy savings.

Water management

This is our recent contributing effort to sustainable development. It includes reduction of the usage of water in all stages of its processes especially during cleaning process. Better water management has led to better utilization of water.

Compliance to all applicable Laws & Regulations

Compliance in the DIC encompasses not only obeying laws but also acting properly and in keeping with social norms. It ensures compliance of its operations with all applicable laws & regulations related to OH&S. DIC uses guidelines provided by the National Environment Quality Standards (NEQS) as a benchmark, even modifying processes to conform to its EHS objectives. With the aim of ensuring sustainable growth of businesses that are both fair and transparent, DIC formulated The DIC Code of Conduct, a unified set of guidelines the adherence to which it considers to be the foundation of compliance.

Code of Conduct

Basic Outline of the DIC code of Business conduct

1- Basic business practices

2- Employee rights to respect, dignity and privacy

3- Avoiding conflict of Interest/responsibility to protect DIC assets & proprietary information

4- Ethics, Transparency, Fairness, Professionalism

5- Work Environment

6- Workplace Harassment

7- Abuse of Alcohol or Drugs and Gambling

8- E-mail, Computers and Network Security