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Flexographic Ink Solvent-Based

Reverse Lamination Printing Inks

Gravure Reverse Lamination Sun Chemical Inks

Passion XP

PASSION XP inks are only four process colors specially developed and produced under high skill experience of Sun Chemical team to meet the exact demands of high speed flexo presses in halftone & gradation printing with HD plates and finest aniloxes. High color reproduction at low viscosity, high density with minimum dot gain on treated polythene film and certain other substrates. These are quite suited inks with highly resoluble and well stable ink pot system with minimum cell clogging.

For their special characteristics these inks are also quite successful for the slow speed presses but with true reducer combination by consulting our local tec,team. Inks have always exhibited the final results with no odor and minimum solvent retention. Resistant to two side treatment and double side printing. They have anti static and good slip properties to enhance the packaging machine productivity. PASSION inks are high heat resistant with good adhesion, giving scuff and abrasion resistance properties.

PASSION inks have good adhesion on a number of treated polyolefin films and other substrates: Low and high density polythene. Two side treated polythene. Certain cast, orientated and co extruded polypropylenes. Some cellulose films. Certain paper based materials. Treatment level of 38 - 44 dynes/cm is normally required to ensure adhesion on BOPP film and 48- 52 dynes/cm for PET film.


Solimax AP is a range of high strength solvent based colors specifically developed for both surface and reverse printing adhesive lamination jobs across an extensive range of flexible packaging substrates. Suitable for both Flexographic and Rotogravure printing processes. They have excellent stability based on Sun Chemical high quality concentrates with excellent printability, low levels of retained solvents, high lamination bond strengths and heat resistance up to 170°C.

Solimax AP should not be used for other end uses without prior discussion of our local technical representative. These inks are not suitable for direct food contact and high temperature applications including microwave or oven able designs.

Solimax AP is suitable for the following substrates:

  • Chemically treated Polyester.
  • Corona treated polypropylene
  • Corona treated polyethylene
  • OPA
  • PVdC Coated Polyester.
  • Aluminum Oxide coated Polyester


FLX1 is an ink series developed for reverse flexo printing on flexible films and subsequently for lamination process with different film combinations by using good quality adhesives. The formulation pattern has been adjusted for medium to high speed machines at 200-450 m/min at printing. The FLX1 series covers general purpose applications in packaging printing. It is recommended for printing of different types of lamination structures (chips, snacks etc), which may or may not need pasteurization or sterilization (depending on the choice of special pigments - contact your local Technical Department).

Bi-oriented polypropylene

  • Co-extruded polypropylene
  • Chemically treated polyester