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Specialty Inks

Specialty Products

Ultra Star Silver

Product has outstanding brilliance for specialty category jobs for flexo/gravure application to keep the demarcation line of competition products.

All types of film and paper substrates.


SOLVENT BASED PRIMER is formulated for gravure surface printing for anchoring the subsequent inks & coatings. The primer should be applied at a dry film weight of 0.4 - 0.7 gsm by the gravure process. Typically this could be achieved with an electromechanically engraved cylinder of 90 lines/cm, 30 µm cell depth.

Printing is done on to Metalized PVC, BOPP, CPP, PET, Aluminum foil, Metalized, non-metalized and untreated films as primer wash.

Water Based OPV

Water based high gloss coating for the production of folding boxes. Properties during coating process are good runability, good drying, crackling tolerance, low foaming potential, high gloss, scuff resistance, wet block resistance and good heat resistance.

Coated/Uncoated board.

Gold Tint Lacquer

Highly transparent lacquer formulated for flexo and gravure applications on to range of substrates for printing of specialty jobs like cigarettes. Special lacquer is made with high light fastness values for getting the direct shade or making high brilliant gold by superimposition pattern of silver application.

Specially recommended for all types of paper and board substrates.


MPV Ink, Specially developed for outstanding dot reproduction and transfer behavior in halftone and gradations for all types of flexo and gravure working applications. Specially is the process Black color.

Chemically treated polyester, Corona treated polyester, Corona treated BOPP, All paper and board


RT Series inks are mainly the metallic inks used in flexographic/rotogravure applications for printing onto metalized OPP, PVC film and also suitable for treated transparent substrates. RT inks give adhesion and scuff resistance to the standards normally required for this type of working together with good brilliance and printability. However, due to the nature of the substrate, adhesion by scotch tape test may not be up to highest standards obtained on treated substrates. RT series inks should not be mixed with inks of any other supplier as this may be detrimental to the adhesive properties. Colors have a reasonable degree of light fastness.

RT series inks have good performance on grades of metalized OPP, PVC and untreated substrate tested by DIC.