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Rotogravure Inks

SunChemical Lamination Inks

Gravure Reverse Lamination Sun Chemical Inks


Ink series Duralam TG is specially designed for gravure high speed printing on PET, OPA and OPP films for laminates. Dry ink films of Duralam TG have a low level of odor and contain only small amounts of residual solvents. Laminates with Duralam TG provide good bond strength, normally in the range above 2.5 N/15 mm. The quality of the laminates depends on the proper choice of film and adhesive. The inks are suitable for lamination with solvent-based and solvent-free adhesives.

Good initial adhesion is given on PET-film, PVC coated PET-film and PA-film. For printing on PET-, PA-, and OPP-film we recommend inline corona treatment. The treatment improves the adhesion and supports the removal of humidity from the surface of PA-films. The initial adhesion on OPP-films is poor (for excellent adhesion adhesion promoter prior to use on also recommended) but bond strength is very good despite this lack of adhesion.


Solimax AP is a range of high strength solvent based colors specifically formulated for both surface print and reverse printed adhesive lamination applications across an extensive range of flexible packaging substrates. Suitable for both Flexographic and Rotogravure processes. Excellent stability based on Sun Chemical social concentrates. Excellent printability, low levels of retained solvents, high lamination bond strengths and high heat resistance. Suitable for use on a wide variety of flexible packaging films.

Solimax AP is suitable for chemically treated Polyester, corona treated polypropylene, corona treated polyethylene, OPA, PVdC Coated Polyester, Aluminum Oxide coated Polyester


DuraFlex PG is a premium gravure solvent based ink series for multiple substrates for the lamination jobs. These inks have high bond strength on a variety of films when used in combination with correct adhesive, excellent gravure printability, very high heat seal bonds, suitable for the printing of polyester, nylon (OPA) and polyethylene, low retained solvent levels when dried correctly, don’t contain TDI or any organo tin compounds.

Corona and primed PET, PVDC coated polyester, Nylon, BOPP, OPP acrylic coated, treated PE film.


DURAFLEX PM is a mono-solvent (Et.Ac.) based gravure lamination ink designed for high speed printing on several films. System is quite suitable for solvent recovery plant.

These inks have high bond strength in relation to the adhesive used. Once laminated the film is perfectly sealable on the printed area. These inks:

  • are all ester inks (ethyl acetate)
  • have excellent printability
  • are designed to be printed on several plastic films
  • are a single pack system
  • do not contain TDI or organo-tin compounds
  • have low level of retained solvent when printed

Corona or chemical treated PET films, Corona treated Nylon films (treated not less than 520 mN / cm), Corona treated OPP films (treated not less than 380 mN / cm), PVDC coated films, Cellophane film (Printing grade)


Soliprop TAP is a solvent based multipurpose ink system for the gravure and flexo printing of a variety of common flexible packaging substrates for both surface and reverse applications. High bond strength on a variety of films when used in combination with correct adhesive, excellent flexo and gravure printability, Have good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, low retained solvent levels when dried correctly, good heat-seal resistance up to 170°C – 180°C, high gloss levels (For surface print applications, additives compounds are available to improve the scratch resistance or improve slip properties)

Chemically treated polyester, Corona treated polyester, Corona treated BOPP. Due to the features of these substrates, in-line corona treatment is recommended. The appropriate ink adhesion is always obtained with correct corona treatment level. A BOPP film is considered correctly treated when its minimum surface tension is 38 dynes/cm (380mN/cm) and PET at 52d/cm (520mN/cm).Due to the great variety of substrates available in the market, it is recommended that laboratory trials are done prior to the industrial printing. To print on substrates not on this list, please contact your local Technical Department.