Integrated Management System Policy

Packages Limited is committed to producing quality products through responsible sourcing conforming to customers’ requirements by creating value for the customers through our products and services.

The Organization is committed to achieving these goals by proactively:

  • Exhibiting leadership and commitment towards implementing this policy across all our operations.
  • Allocating appropriate sustainable resources for compliance with applicable management standards and establishing individual accountability to comply with these requirements.
  • Developing an effective Management System to prevent customer complaints, incidents/accidents, ill-health and pollution, while reducing waste, eliminating hazards and mitigating environmental and social impacts.
  • Creating a safe and work-friendly environment for all stakeholders with due participation and commitment from everyone. Safety shall always take the highest priority in all situations.
  • Improving our Product Quality continually through innovations, process optimizations, and risk identification.
  • Ensuring that all food-related packaging material is produced, stored, and delivered in safe and hygienic conditions as per relevant requirements. Where applicable, we will ensure supply of Halal Packaging material and consumer products with effective communication on Halal/food issues with suppliers, customers, and relevant interested parties in the food chain.
  • Improving our energy performance by avoiding energy and utilities' wastage, optimum consumption, supporting the purchase of energy-efficient products, services, and designing for improvement in energy performance where applicable.
  • Leading by example and committing to reducing our carbon and water footprint to an optimum level where possible.
  • Setting objectives and targets that are monitored regularly to review our Management Systems and ensure that these objectives are aligned with organizational context.
  • Ensuring the needs and expectations of our customers and other interested parties are met.
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring continual improvement as a result of formal internal/external audits and management reviews, which are conducted at least once a year for applicable standards.
  • Improving the competency and skills of our people at all levels through adequate information sharing, training and supervision provided to ensure that all organizational needs are met.
  • Ensuring all stakeholders have access and understanding of the IMS policy (made publicly available), relevant procedures and supporting documentation, through training and provision of information.

This is our long-term commitment and we shall continually strive to improve our policies, procedures, programs, systems and standards..

Halaal Management System Policy

We, at DIC Pakistan Ltd, strive to create superior value for all stakeholders by providing customer oriented high quality inks, chemicals & services. We will contribute to the realization of “Color & Comfort” through supplying products maintaining Halaal Management System Requirements in all aspects of our business operations. To achieve this goal, we are committed;

  • To ensure that all products are being made from Halaal approved raw materials
  • To ensure that all materials used have been approved by certification authority, where applicable.
  • To ensure that the Halaal control points at storage, technical and production facilities have been proactively identified and control measures are in place.
  • To train, develop and involve all stakeholders of the company to understand the Halaal Management System.
  • To provide the resources needed for the preparation, implementation, and continuous improvement of the Halaal Management System.

This policy must be implemented on DIC Pakistan Limited and will be communicated to all interested parties of DIC Pakistan Limited.

ISO Certifications

ISO 9001: 2015
DIC's product principle is "Color & comfort by chemistry". DIC have acquired ISO 9001 certification to improve the customers' satisfaction.

ISO 14001: 2015
DIC PK has obtained ISO 14001 certification, allowing to measure environmental management effort against internationally accepted criteria

ISO 45001:2018
DIC Pakistan Limited has successfully conducted transition audit in April 2020 from OHSAS 18001:2007 to ISO 45001:2018.

Halaal Certification

DIC PK has obtained Halaal certification for its products from SANHA Pakistan, allowing it to be used in the Halaal Product chain. This is a remarkable achievement as DIC Pakistan Limited is the first and leading printing ink manufacturer to obtain the Halaal certification by complying PS 3733:2019.

SMETA Compliant Company

The issue of sustainability has grown ever more important over the years. Besides being thoughtful in the use of natural resources, DIC is promoting ethical and social responsibility. For the current assessment of ETI codes and local laws, DIC registered itself on SEDEX. The supplier ethical data exchange, or SEDEX for short, is a globally renowned online platform that allows members to provide customers and partners with detailed information about their social and ethical performance. SMETA audit was conducted on following modules

  • Health and safety
  • Labor standards
  • Environment
  • Business ethics

And it is great to announce that we are now a SMETA Compliant Company ensuring labor standards, business ethics, health & safety, and environmental management. It is believed that SMETA Compliance will play a vital role in sustaining our future business with sensitive customers. Our commitment is to ensure responsible sourcing across our whole supply chain.

Green Office Certification

DIC Pakistan limited has been recommended for the award of certification of Green Office by WWF Pakistan. This certification is a great achievement for our team that always strives for taking part in the sustainability and conservation efforts. Moreover, this will help in streamlining our efforts to achieve conservation targets of natural resources.