EHS Initiatives & Trainings

Community Development Initiatives

Environment, Health & Safety

DIC Pakistan is committed to EHS standards for the protection of our environment in which we live and work. It complies with the standards for health & safety of employees, customers and contractors as well as visitors. The Company focuses on assessing the effectiveness of its EHS system by regularly conducting risk assessment and hazard analysis and updating its risk and hazard management systems. DIC Pakistan is committed to complying with all applicable regulatory laws governing its operations.

Implementing Emergency Response Drills

DIC Pakistan augments daily safety patrols and periodic equipment checks with regular emergency response drills to prepare for emergency situations.

Trained skilled persons to carry out Risk & Hazard Identification

DIC Pakistan systematically prepares initiatives to prevent accidents and occupational injuries through proactive identification of hazards and mitigating the associated risks.

Water & Energy Conservation

DIC Pakistan aims to effectively reduce its carbon footprint relevant to our operations and ensure efficient and optimized use of water and energy resources.