Brand Owners:

DIC PAKISTAN has developed a variety of solutions that brand owners can use to: maintain color consistency, improve speed to market from concept to consumer, contribute to a more sustainable future, follow all migration regulations, and secure the brand’s packaging.


DIC Pakistan has developed a variety of solutions that printers can use to improve productivity, create new revenue opportunities, and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Brand Color Management:

As experts in color management, DIC Pakistan offers services to maintain process and spot color consistency globally.

Brand Color Protection

DIC offers the widest platform of diverse brand protection portfolio offerings that can be customized to each customer’s individual needs. DIC is everywhere with a strong multinational global reach – unlike most suppliers in this industry.

Special Effects Coating

Differentiate your brand by engaging sense with special effects coatings
The connection of consumers to brands through the senses adds five important dimensions:

  • Emotional engagement
  • Visceral reaction
  • Connection between perception and reality
  • Creation of brand platform for product extensions
  • Trademarked scents

The more senses a product appeals to; the more emotionally connected the consumer feels. Improve the impact of your products’ packaging with special effects coatings, delivered with the same high-quality, service and innovation you have come to expect from DIC Pakistan — your single source for inks and coatings.


At DIC Pakistan, we are dedicated to sustainable practices. Our policy is based on the concept of eco-efficiency as defined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), meaning that eco-efficiency is achieved by the delivery of economically competitive goods and services that satisfy our customers’ needs and bring quality of life, while progressively reducing ecological impact and resource intensity throughout the life cycle.

Low Migration

DIC Pakistan is a market leader in the development and promotion of inks and coatings designed for low migration sensitive packaging applications such as food, pharmaceutical, personal care and tobacco.
The term “low migration” packaging is commonly used to designate materials used in the packaging structure whose components will not migrate, or move, from the packaging into the product.
To qualify as low migration packaging, compounds contained in the packaging structure, including printing inks, coatings and adhesives, must not have any effect on the appearance, flavor, odor, taste, or any negative effect on the safety of the product contained within the packaging.
DIC Pakistan Ltd. continues to invest in R&D, new technology, product stewardship and regulatory compliance with sensitive packaging requirements. We work hard to take the lead in educating all partners in the supply chain, from the raw material supplier to the graphic designer to the printer converter through to the brand owner and retailer about compliance, the potential pitfalls, their options, as well as opportunities.
DIC Pakistan has for many years worked on understanding the factors affecting migration and has developed a complete portfolio of inks and coatings for low migration sensitive packaging to support the packaging chain across a range of print processes and technologies.
DIC Pakistan’s official best practice guide to low migration printing was an industry first in providing practical guidance.

High-Speed Printing

With press speeds increasing and customers demanding high quality, DIC Pakistan is a partner that can provide the expertise to optimize press performance, while delivering outstanding results. DIC Pakistan’s SunSpectro® Sunsharp® inks are designed for consistent high-speed printing with no print defects to help improve productivity and increase customer satisfaction.